Paula Ryan - Summer 2019

RELAX ED TEE DRESS 7971A BOXY CONTRAST TOP 7980 BOAT NECK TOP 7978 SPLICED SINGLET 7977, PLEAT FRONT PANT 7985 TEE DRESS 7971A MARTINA NEHRU SHIRT 7987 INCA PRINT TOP 7984 EASY FIT SINGLET 9802, CARGO CAPRI 7993, SHIRTDRESS 7974 STRIPE DRESS 7972 SWEATER 7989, LONG STRIPE TUBE SKIRT 7983L LONG SINGLET 7991, LONG STRIPE TUBE SKIRT 7983L INCA PRINT TOP 7984, POCKET SKIRT 7994 Mix andmatch a casual and slightly sporty inspiredwardrobe for high summer (also ideal formid- winter holidays) when casual is king and comfortable is cool and your style reasoning is RELAXED.