Paula Ryan - Winter 2018

A Grand Prix winning racing driver, pioneering race car designer and the founder of one of the most successful Formula 1 teams in history, he achieved an astonishing amount in his tragically short 32 years. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Bruce McLaren’s earliest competitive driving experience came at the wheel of a modified 1929 Austin Ulster. Bought in bits by his father who had planned to restore the car and sell it, 13-year-old Bruce convinced him they could turn it into a race car. Involved in every stage of the Ulster’s restoration, the experience proved vital for the future race car designer. Two years later, in his race-prepared Ulster, 15-year-old Bruce set the fastest time in the 750cc class at the Muriwai Beach hill climb. Seven years later, aged just 22, Bruce won his first Grand Prix. At the time he was the youngest-ever Grand Prix winner – a record that stood for over 40 years. The following year, he won the Argentinian Grand Prix and finished second in the Drivers’ Championship behind Jack Brabham. For the next decade, Bruce McLaren remained one of the best drivers in the world. His popularity and enthusiasm for racing never diminished. What did change, however, was his ever-increasing influence over the world of motor racing. “It would be a waste of life to do nothingwith one’s ability, for I feel that life ismeasured in achievement, not in years alone.” Bruce McLaren Bruce McLaren AN ICONIC NEW ZEALANDER “My appreciation of the McLaren brand, with its history steeped in motorsport, runs deep. I enjoy driving my McLaren, even though I suspect I’m probably the world’s most senior lady driver.” Paula Ryan 2