Paula Ryan - Summer 2018

l a b e l r e a d i n g The best of responsible fashion created by using scientific fabrics that care for both the wearer and the planet. MicroModal The Yarn • Italian yarn derived from a 100% completely natural and sustainable source of raw material, the Beech Tree. • The wood refinery is both pioneering in its processes and environmentally responsible, with self sufficient energy production, from the ‘symbiotic’ pulp production through to the C02 neutral MicroModal fibre. • The resulting yarn is completely smooth and without imperfections, unlike that of other natural-based yarns such as cotton. The Fibre • Ultra-fine MicroModal fibres are spun with 10% Lycra for additional stability and stretch, with full memory retention. • With softness as the overriding principle, MicroModal fibre is twice as soft as cotton, and the finer the fibre, the finer the fabric. Ten thousand metres of a micro fibre weights only one gram! The Fabric • Knitted in Italy, the result is light, soft and silky to handle for the life of the garment. • Adjusts to the body’s temperature to suit the conditions due to its hydroscopic (water absorbent) qualities. • Shrink resistant and pill-free. The Styling • Quality wardrobe Essentials with superb drape, a smooth sensuous feel, and easy care in Slim and Easy Fit styles. FROMFOREST TOFASHION It was 20 years ago that I believed in the development of a collection based purely around scientific fabrics. These clothes had to be of a classic, timeless nature and physically last for years, so as not to be susceptible to trends. Research proved that sustainable jersey knits, using natural fibres with added stretch and strength from the addition of Lycra, would be the answer. To this end I reached out globally to establish the source. We discovered Italy to have the most superior fibre and yarn supply chain, through their pursuit in quality. We worked tirelessly with the DSIR in New Zealand and spent years testing and developing the jersey knits we utilise today. There are three main fabrics MicroModal, Microjersey and Merino. Naturally, the Merino is of NZ origin, and considered by Europe as the world’s finest in quality. These fabrics bat well beyond the ability of standard jersey knits. They may look the same but performance is an entirely different thing. I have created bullet points of these fabrics so you can more fully understand their superiority. Take five minutes and read on to understand the fabrics. There is actually a parallel in wine making – there are beautiful wines and crap wines. LIFE IS TOO SHORT to drink the later. Trust me, the ‘Magic is in the Fabric’. 2