Paula Ryan - Winter 2018

Celebrating 20 years Necessity can often be the mother of invention, which in this case, no truer word was said. In 1998 shortly after the marketing group Merino NZ was created, I saw an opportunity to create classic, Essential clothing pieces for women, utilising our magical NZ Merino fibre. In collaboration with the highly regarded Lane Walker Rudkin Group, a small collection was designed and distributed throughout New Zealand. The label was Paula Ryan Simply You. The following season I developed a weekly television programme and a bi-annual magazine to promote the brand. The rest is history. Simply You grew to become an independent fashion magazine and the clothing label Paula Ryan, became a standalone business developing seasonal fashion, footwear, handbags and vanity bag collections for pharmacy distribution. So, from four Essential Merino tops, the clothing business has developed and grown. One aspect remains unchanged; the discerning choices of fabrics and the testing and quality control that surrounds every garment in the Essentials programme, along with the mantra “The Magic is in the Fabric” as used in all our marketing. The Essential Collection has from this season, become the PREMIUM ESSENTIAL COLLECTION with two fits and two fabrics, plus a stock service programme that will be loyal to its development 20 years ago. The first Issue of PAULA RYAN SIMPLY YOU sold out from newstands in NZ in six days. Celebrating 20 years Two of the four Merino garments from the first Essentials collection 20 years ago… the same styles remain today, Style numbers 9405 (Scoop Neck) and 9402 (Polo Neck). 1