Paula Ryan - Summer 2018

P aula Ryan the woman is enormously proud of being the founding force behind a New Zealand-owned manufacturing company with high integrity and sustainability values. We are a relatively young and small country and when we develop unique-to NZ initiatives, we bat well beyond our size. The Paula Ryan brand only searches for international assistance when the product cannot be manufactured within the shores of NZ. This includes items like leather footwear from Italy. The PAULA RYAN brand is fond of the Italian quality in footwear and their excellence UtilisingNZ’s work force, rawmaterials and talent is the strength of the brand ProudlyMade inNewZealand in manufacturing. This applies to the fabrics Microjersey and MicroModal, also from Italy but developed for the brand to the highest quality available in fabric technology, within the realms of sustainable jersey knits. All the garment manufacturing is undertaken by local manufacturing houses – 10 in total. Every garment is thoroughly checked on lightboxes to a standard well beyond the norm. This year celebrates 20 years of the brand supplying Australasian women with clothing and accessories. The mantra of the PAUALA RYAN brand remains … THE MAGIC IS IN THE FABRIC. 1