Paula Ryan - Summer 2019

& I have always enjoyed simplicity in design and my passion for teaming black with white is legendary. That said, I am not adverse to beautifully flattering colour. This summer I have created clothes that work perfectly for planning workable wardrobes. Almost every garment carries our famed stretch for comfort and our fashion mantra remains: THE MAGIC IS IN THE FABRIC. Through the following pages I showcase the entire collection by styling separates in relatable ways. Let’s face it, planning your entire wardrobe can be simplified. Go to your wardrobe and select your favourite summer items, then add a few fresh new options. A touch of black and white, a colour or two and a new print for a sprinkling of panache – suddenly all your clothing options for the season will be pulled together. It’s called function with flair. Let me take you on my summer 2019/20 journey of ways-to-wear. And for those not yet on our database, you’re most welcome to join the club for updates at . FLUID, SEXY EFFORTLESS Thesewords perfectly describe the theme I fostered when coordinating this summer’s collection. 1